Text Message Pen Pals

TxtPals is currently not accepting new Pals. Thanks everyone for playing! Until next time...


Every day you’ll get matched up with a new random person to be your text message pen pal for the day.

Interact anonymously. Reveal your dark secrets or make up a new persona for yourself. The choice is yours.

Your number will never be revealed. All messaging is sent to our phone number.

/? - show commands list
/nick <name> - change your nickname
/list - see who you're chatting with
/+ - +1 upvote your pal cause they're awesome
/- - -1 downvote your pal cause they're meh
/abuse - flag your pal for abuse
/lonely - join the lonely hearts chat
/pal - leave the lonely hearts chat
/msg <nick> <msg> - find a nick from the past
/operator <msg> - talk to the operator
/shhh - silence for today
/leave - stop all texts from txtpals, die alone

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